Building Resilient Communities, one village at a time

READ India is a not-for-profit organisation working with the marginalised communities in India, since 2007. READ India empowers the communities through Education, Livelihood, and Community Empowerment.

READ India provides knowledge, resources and opportunities to less privileged people to lead a secured and dignified life.


  • 54+ Centres
  • 13+ States
  • 250+ Villages
  • 5+ Lakh Stakeholders Reached

Building Communities, Empowering Lives.

People reached



What We Do

We at READ India, partner with communities to create sustainable models for social and economic transformation through our dedicated knowledge centres.

500 + Community Interventions, 50000+ Women Empowered

We serve the communities through our well-stocked libraries, reading materials, skills building workshops and livelihood development programmes:

  • 2 Lakh+ Books
  • 500+ Community Workshops
  • 100+ Leadership/Skills Workshops

Our Vision

To build cohesive, inclusive and resilient communities where everyone, especially the marginalized communities, access and benefit from knowledge, resources and opportunities necessary to shape their own dignified and fulfilling futures.

Our Mission

READ facilitates the creation of self-sustaining and community-led knowledge centres that serve as foundational platforms for fulfilling social and economic well-being of communities.

            Our Corporate Partners 

                      We partner with leading Corporates, Foundations, Non-profit Organisations and Government entities on our development journey.


           Knowledge Partners

                            We partner with leading universities in India for research and development of community-driven programmes.


We look forward to partner with eminent Universities & Institutions(National and International), to build resilient community programmes in India.

Asian Admirable Achievers Award 2022

Awarded to Dr. Geeta Malhotra for her dedication and achievement in her profession

Brainfeed Award for Springwood Pre-school

The award is conferred to the top 100 pre-schools in India for their unique contribution to the evolving trends in teaching and learning patterns. READ India’s rural pre-school model focuses on applying global pre-school standards to the villages.